Picky Toddler

20 Tips and Tricks To Make a Picky Toddler Eat

“My toddler is a picky eater. I am concerned about him.”
Whenever you meet a toddler’s parents you will find them complaining about their toddler throwing tantrums at the table. As a mom of a toddler, I know how hard it is to deal with a baby who doesn’t eat well.
It can be sometimes really frustrating to make a fussy eater eat without losing your cool.

I have compiled 20 working tips and tricks to make your trouble making little one eat well during meal time.

1. Eat as Family

Toddlers love to imitate other people around him. Let your picky eater sit and have his meal along with the other family members. Offer the same food which you are having. This would lead to a successful feeding session as your toddler would get a feeling that he is eating what others are eating and he is not offered something different.


Toddlers are great observers. They are always curious about what others are eating. When they see their plate and bowl different than their parent’s plate and bowl they think that the parents are eating something interesting and they are offered separate food. So, use the feeding essentials for your little one from your crockery set.

3. Use attractive feeding set

If you are already using the same plate and bowl for your toddler as yours and still he is being picky, consider buying an attractive feeding set for him. The colorful and attractive looking set might excite him resulting in your toddler enjoying his meal time.

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4. Turn off the Television and other activities

Turn off the television, tablet, games and other distractions around your toddler. Let your fussy eater concentrate only on his food.

5. Choose a fixed meal time

Follow a consistent mealtime for your picky toddler. Divide his feeding sessions into five parts- three main meals and two snacks. Decide the meal timings and the gap between the meals that suit your toddler’s routine (consider naps too).

To maintain the consistency, your little one should have a fixed routine for everything- mealtime, naptime, and playtime (obviously it can go a little up and down). Feed him at the same time every day and in a few days, he would know what to expect when.

Another tip is don’t feed your child immediately after waking up and just before his nap time.

6. Give Reasonable Portion of food

As discussed above, divide your toddler’s meals into five parts. Don’t expect your toddler to eat a large portion of the main meal after having a large portion of the previous meal. Always remember, kids, love to eat throughout the day. So, spread the meals diligently into multiple parts keeping the quantity reasonable.

7. Don’t offer the same food too often

Introduce a variety of foods in your toddler’s meal chart. Toddlers often get bored if they are offered the same food too often.
Some of the healthy food ideas for picky toddlers are listed below:

  • Stuffed Paranthas
  • Beaten Rice With Banana
  • Vegetable Poha
  • Carrot and Spinach Puri
  • Makhana Kheer
  • Dry Fruit Kheer
  • Suji ka Halwa
  • Wheat Halwa
  • Tomato Paneer Rice
  • Moong Dal Chilla
  • Mango Shrikhand
  • Beetroot And Carrot Raita
  • Wheat Porridge
  • Scrambled Eggs with vegetables

8. Make the food look attractive

It is quite common for toddlers and young children to refuse food. They sometimes find their food unappealing. To combat their feelings, explore your creative side and think about making the food look interesting to catch your child’s attention.

9. Make the eating session fun and interesting

Have you observed the energy level of your toddler while playing?

It is at a next level, right?

So, think about turning mealtime into play time.
Let the food become a prop.

Game No.1: Tell your little one that he is a superhero and he has to gulp the monster (food). Praise him each time he finishes the task.

Game No.2: Ask your little one to point out the object when you ask, ‘where is the clock’? ‘where is the fan’? or ‘where is the table’?
If he gets successful in telling, ask him to accept his prize (bite of his food).
Give a round of applause as he takes the bite in, and repeat the activity.

10. LET YOUR toddler Participate

Toddlers enjoy getting involved with their parents in day to day activities. Let your toddler participate with you in whole meal preparation session right from purchasing the groceries and veggies from the supermarket to chopping the vegetables, cooking the food and setting the table. Ask him to do simple things like picking up a vegetable, throwing the peels in the dustbin, passing the things, and setting the plates with you.
This can help your toddler in developing a positive attitude towards food (as he had a hand too in the preparation) and he might end up enjoying his meal like never before.

11. Give some time to toddler to accept food

If one day your picky toddler refused to eat a particular food then don’t think to drop down that food completely from his meal chart. It is very common for young children to take some time to accept a new taste, flavor, and texture. Try to give the same food the next day and the following days for a week before jumping into the conclusion that your child is intolerant to it.

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12. Avoid offering rewards

Never bribe your toddler by saying ‘if you finish your food, you will get chocolate, candy or ice cream’. By doing this you are giving your fussy eater a feeling that he will get some ‘good food’ in return for finishing a ‘not so good food’.
Bribing your child might make it easy for you to make him finish his food but it will give an invitation to more problems in the future.

13. Don’t offer drinks just before the meal

Avoid giving milk or juice an hour before your child’s mealtime. These heavy drinks will fill his stomach and he will not be able to eat well.

14. Mind the gap between the meals

There must be at least 2-3 hours gap between the main meal and snacks. If the gap will be too less between the meals then naturally the baby will not be too hungry to finish his food.

15. Stop pleading and force-feeding

If your toddler has started refusing the food after eating a portion of it, don’t push him to finish everything on his plate. Never try to force feed or push the spoonfuls into his mouth. All this can create a stressful environment and can lead to your toddler feeling dreadful before meal times.

16. Stop replacing the food with snacks

You’d made so many attempts to feed your picky eater, but he is not ready to finish his food.
Now the next thought that comes to your mind as a considerate mom is that your baby is hungry so you should offer him something of his choice which at least fills his stomach.

This is where you go wrong!
These little munchkins are way smarter than we can imagine.
Your toddler knows that if he will throw tantrums during the meal time, he will surely get his favorite snack to eat.

17. Change the presentation of the food

If your picky toddler doesn’t like mashed potato then replace it with stuffed potato paratha or potato fries.
If he avoids eating paneer in the cubical form then think about giving him paneer scramble.
It is always a hit and trial thing with kids.
Change the way you present food to your toddler which he doesn’t like and observe if it makes any difference?


Develop good eating habits and table manners right from an early age. Invest in a good quality high chair to make your toddler comfortable while eating. Putting your toddler in a high chair before serving meal will prepare him mentally for his eating session and he will less likely to become cranky and fussy.

I bought Chicco Pocket Meal High Chair for my baby when I started weaning him (6 months +). That was also the time he was learning to sit on his own. I guess buying a high chair was one of the best investment I made on baby gears. High chair not only makes it easy to feed the baby but also provides safety to him while eating.


Appreciate your little one for trying new food. If he finishes his meal without much hustle, give him a loving smile and applaud for his efforts.
If your child will relate your appreciation and applaud with finishing a meal then feeding sessions will not be a challenge anymore.

20. Consider the toddler’s mood

We get so overwhelmed to feed our munchkins that we forget to consider their willingness. Sometimes we adults also go through mood swings when we simply don’t feel like eating. This commonly happens with everyone be it an adult or a child.
Keep yourself calm. Don’t make a big deal out of the whole thing.
Give some time to your toddler and try again in the next meal.

Do you have any other idea to feed a picky toddler?

If yes, please share it below.

After all, sharing is caring, right?

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11 Amazing Ways To Enjoy Life As A Stay At Home Mom

It is quite hard to just be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) especially when you have enjoyed work life before having a baby. Staying inside the four walls of the house and running around kids all day can lead to frustration in the long run. Over a period of time, SAHMs begin to feel worthless which is not healthy.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Believe me, if you are not happy and contented as a mom you won’t be able to give your 100% to your family. Taking out some time from the day dedicatedly for yourself is very important to rejuvenate oneself.

Spare at least 30-60 min in a day to do something that you enjoy. It could be yoga, craft, book reading or writing.

Now you must be thinking, ‘how do I make time for myself as a busy full-time mom’? The answer is simple!

A little bit of management is key to make some time for yourself which looks like a luxury after entering motherhood. Convert your child’s nap time into your ‘me time’. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your husband and family members.

I have compiled 11 amazing ways which you can integrate into your life to have a rocking and contented life as a Stay At Home Mum.


Take at least one hour every 4 days in a week and move out of the house to enjoy time nurturing your body. Working on your body and burning calories would give you a sense of satisfaction that you are taking care of yourself too. And having a perfect body with time will also give you a high level of self-confidence too.


If you don’t like exercising think about joining Yoga, Aerobics or Zumba classes near your house. Moving your body will help you to stay active and confident. This will also help you to socialize with new people.


When you don’t have anything else to do other than your everyday routine then life seems to be on a REPEAT MODE. Another way to enjoy life as a stay at home mom is to have a hobby. Having a hobby can help you relieve stress while allowing you to do something that you enjoy.

Your hobby could be anything from singing, dancing, painting, reading, jewelry making, photography, gardening to baking.


A few years back I created a list of books to read before I turn 30. Completing that task is in my wishlist. If you are a book lover too then you would definitely be having a list of books to read in the coming years.

Dear stay at home mommy, don’t get lost in looking only after the house and kids, take out some ‘me time’ for yourself too and catch up on some reading time if this is something you enjoy.


Motherhood can lead to loneliness specially when you are a stay at home mum. When your working friends are busy juggling between their work and personal life and you stays at home then it becomes quite difficult to find compatibility with them.

During such times it becomes important to meet and strike friendships with new people who have a similar routine and interest like yours.

Find fellow moms in your neighboorhood, parks where you take your baby for everyday outing, local gym or Zumba class, your child’s daycare/ play class or social media groups.

Also, there are also so many online meetups that are organized to connect young moms with similar beliefs and interests.

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We are a lucky generation as we are provided with the 24*7 access to the pool of knowledge that is available through online learning. Youtube is a great source of learning to almost anything in the world. There are so many tutorials available on youtube that gives step by step knowledge to learn whatever you want.

You can learn skills like video editing, graphic designing, interior decoration, fashion designing, professional makeup, languages, basic or high-level computer skills, etc. This could also help you to convert your skill into a career in the coming years.

But if you are not very keen to make a career, learn something that can help you to perform better in life. You can take up personality development lessons, improve command over your language, learn cuisines from around the world, learn personal grooming skills or just upgrade your general knowledge.


If you are a Stay at home mom who has taken a career break and you wish to join back to work in the next few years then it is a good chance for you to add some education to your qualification. When your baby will grow up a little you can think about joining back to work with your upgraded resume.

Apart from degree courses, there are numerous short term courses available that can help you in professional growth later. Online and offline distance learning courses give you an opportunity to pursue your studies from the comfort of your home.

Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Lynda, twenty19 are some of the top online education sites which you can check if you are interested to pursue some course.

9. Read Blogs, articles, good stuff online

There are so many Stay at home mom available online who writes beautiful blogs about life, parenting issues, and motherhood. Reading such blogs and articles not only helps in growing your knowledge but also helps in connecting with mums who are sailing in the same boat. Connect with fellow mums and get inspired.

10. Freelancing

As a Stay at home mom, taking the freelancing work is a great way to meet your obligations at home and in your career. If you are a SAHM and want to be financially independent at the same time then go for it!

Freelancing means offering online service in a field you are good at with the comfort of your home and with flexibility. Find out what freelancing service you can provide over the web.

Can you work as a Graphic designer, website designer, content writer, web developer, social media specialist, translator, copywriter, photographer or online tutor?
Sign up to freelancing work websites like Upwork.com, Guru.com and get a chance to work from home. There are also so many online portals that focus on the stay at home jobs for women.

Check this : Jobs With Flexible Work Hours for Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home mom

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

11. BlogginG

There are so many Stay at home moms I know who write with only the intent of reaching to masses with their blogs. They feel rekindled when they pen down their knowledge and share their perspectives with the world. For blogging you just need two things:

  • Good Command over language
  • Knowledge about a topic of your interest

Your area of interest could be Fashion, Health, Fitness, Education, Technology, Home Decoration, Life Hacks, Personal Care, Food, Music, etc.

NOTE: Dear Stay At Home Mom don’t get overwhelmed to integrate all the ways described above in your life. Take up one or two of them which you like the most and which comes under your comfort zone.

Also, remember that your child should be your priority first. He/She is growing up fast and this time is not going to come back. Consider it as a privilege to be the most important part of your child’s developing phase by enjoying each and every milestone that he/she makes. Don’t consider yourself less than anyone and feel proud to be a STAY AT HOME MOM.

Mother's Day Gift ideas

11 Creative Mother’s Day gift ideas 2019

Looking for creative Mother’s day gift ideas?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we all vacillate a lot while deciding the perfect gift for our Mothers. We always think of gifting our mothers something special each Mother’s Day but somehow due to lack of creative ideas we end up buying traditional flower bouquet, cake or some usual gift item.

After punctilious observation over the years, I have concluded that moms don’t love gifts as much as they love experiences and practical ways of being pampered on that day.

Check out the 11 most amazing, creative and practical gift ideas for the coming Mother’s day that every mother would love.

1. BOOK An appointment at the PARLOR

When was the last time your mom visited the parlor for some personal grooming session?

You don’t remember it, right? This is because of day to day activities and household responsibilities our mothers are left with almost no time for themselves and visiting a parlor for some self-pampering sessions seems like a dream to them.

So, what could be more amazing than pampering her with a relaxing hair spa, facial, pedicure, and manicure? You can also ask the hairstylist to give her a nice haircut according to her face and age and believe me after getting a new look she would feel completely rejuvenated from inside.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, many parlor brands come up with exclusive offers and discounts specially for moms and sometimes for mom and daughter duo also.

2. no cooking day

There probably could be days when our moms don’t feel like cooking or they just want to do almost nothing. Even then there could not have been a single day when we have not been served food irrespective of her mood. This is her selflessness and love towards her family which actually goes unnoticed.

On coming Mother’s day, give her a break from cooking duties and surprise her by serving the breakfast on her bed. Think about her favorite cuisines and plan the menu. Chances might be that you are not good at cooking.

Don’t worry, open YouTube website on your smartphone, search the recipe and go ahead with the instructions. Even if the final preparation doesn’t turn out to be as good as you wanted, your mom will not mind it as what she would see is your love and thoughtfulness behind your efforts.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

3. group party for moms

Now, this is going to be really interesting.

Your mom must be having a girls gang in her life with whom she loves chilling and having a frolic time. Her most favorite gang could be with the other female members of your family (like your paternal or maternal aunties) or with her school/ college friends or with her society friends.

Coordinate with the children of her friends and share the idea. If they are cool with your plan, organize a surprise party for your moms at a commonplace. Decorate the place, arrange some snacks, organize some fun games, play some music and let them have a rocking time.

4. relaxing spa session

We children are very much used to getting infantilized by our mothers. But this Mother’s day, infantilize her back by taking her to an Ayurvedic Spa center in your city for a rekindling experience.

These holistic treatments are aimed at reducing fatigue, overcome stress, deeply soothe the mind, relax and calm the body and promotes good sleep. This experience would be something that will last for a long time.

Many Ayurvedic centers launch special packages for Mother’s Day for a limited period of time. So, find out about the Ayurvedic center available in your city and grab the offer.

5. live plant

This Mother’s day don’t just give something to your mom that won’t last for a long time. Instead of investing in temporary flowers, invest in a live plant that would stay with her for a long time and if given proper care it would last forever.

Do you know? There are some indoor plants that attract positive energy to our homes, improves health, brings good fortune, promotes inner peace, brings calmness, purifies the indoor air and combats harmful toxins. Example of some of these plants is Lucky Bamboo, Basil, Money plant, Aloe Vera, Lily, Orchids, Lavender, etc.

Apart from providing these incredible benefits, these plants would enhance the interior of your house too.

Image Courtesy: https://urlzs.com/e3vp

6. Mom’s day out

Make your mom enjoy a much needed and much-deserved break from daily chores, by gifting her a mom’s day out on Mother’s day.

Take her to ‘only mom’ shopping and help her choose some stuff for herself. This can be followed by dining out and spending quality time with her.

Please please stay away from using your phone because if you would be as usual busy on phone then the entire mom’s day out plan would be of no use.

7. Gift according to her interest and hobbies

You can also gift something to your mother which has some relation with her interests and hobbies. For example:

  • Gardening Lover: If your mom has a fascination towards gardening then think about gifting her a plant for her garden.
  • Music Lover: Gift her a headphone or a Bluetooth speaker if she enjoys listening to music.
  • Movie/Series Lover Mom: If your mom has an interest in watching different movies and series then buy her a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Reader Mom: If she loves reading about a particular niche like interior, fashion, lifestyle, current affairs, travel, cooking, womanhood, etc then gift her a one-year subscription of a magazine that caters to her niche.
  • Home Decor Lover: If she has love towards decorating house then gift her a decoration piece for her room like antique wall clock, vase, photo frame, bed sheet, cushion covers, etc.
  • You can also gift her a handbag, wallet, makeup item kit (lipsticks, nail paints or eye pallets), customized coffee mug, accessories (imitation or real depending upon your budget), watch, sunglasses, saree, kurta, etc.
  • If you think your mom is not following a proper skin care routine and she should follow it, then gift her a skin care treatment kit/hamper.

A Mother’s Day gift may be small but it should be unique with full of love and emotion is something that moms cherish the most.

8. 100 reasons why you love your mom

I know the reasons why you love your mom has no counting but this would be interesting if you narrow down those infinite reasons and pen down 100 of them.

Write them on small colorful papers, fold and put them in a glass jar. Now keep this jar near your mom’s bed before she woke up.

This is one of the cutest Mother’s day gift idea that could surely bring a smile on her face.

Mother's Day gift ideas

Image Courtesy: https://urlzs.com/AhrQ

9. photo diary

Collect old pictures of your mother with you and your sibling with her. Buy a colorful scrapbook from a stationary and paste those pictures in it. Write beautiful captions and messages below those pictures and decorate the scrapbook.

Your mom would surely adore this Mother’s day gift consisting of old pictures and heartfelt messages.

10. video message

Due to our day to day struggles to cope up with our respective lives we often forget to tell our moms how much we love them.

The occasion of Mother’s day is a great opportunity to tell your Mother all that your heart feels for her.

Create a video by putting together a collection of photos of your mom (with or without you) and include some loving text messages along with a piece of background music.

If you are not a creative person you can simply create a video where you tell your mother, ‘Why she is the best mother in the world?’ , ‘What are the top five things that you love about your mother’, ‘Revive a memory of you and your mother from the old days that you still remember’.

Your mom would certainly treasure this cute gift throughout her life.

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11. random notes

Another great way to show your endearment towards your mother on Mother’s day is to surprise her with love, care and appreciation not at one go but at multiple time in a day.

Now you must be wondering, how to do this?

Write loving messages on colorful papers and stick them around different corners of the house. You can stick one message on the back of her bed, one message inside her cardboard, one message on the fridge door, one message on the kitchen door and one message on her dressing table mirror.

Think about more and more places and implement this idea.

A mother’s love is the purest form of love on this earth as she sacrifices her days and nights to raise her children and make them capable to survive in this world. Before ending this post I would like to request you all to not restrict your heartfelt efforts to just one day. Instead, express your love and gratitude towards your mothers and make them feel happy by doing something special for them more and more often.

Watch this Beautiful Mother’s Day Song by
Gena Hill
Post Delivery Weight

21 Proven Ways To Reduce Weight AFTER Pregnancy

As soon as we have our brand new baby in our hands we want to see ourselves fit into our pre-pregnancy clothes. However, thinking about getting back to your old weight can be stressful for new moms who are already worn out taking care of a newborn day and night, adjusting to a completely new routine and recovery after the childbirth. Some of the women are able to get back in shape in no time but about 80% of the women have to work hard for it as reducing weight after delivery is not a cake walk.

Now how to reduce weight after pregnancy is the biggest question in a new mom’s life.

Here, I have shared 21 simple and proven ways which I’d personally followed to lose that stubborn weight after pregnancy and get back to shape again :

1. Breastfeeding

If you are a breastfeeding mom then it is a WIN-WIN situation for you. On one hand, your baby is getting all the essential nutrients that are important for his development and growth and on the other hand by exclusively breastfeeding you are losing about 300-500 extra calories every day which would help in contracting the size of the uterus and return to its normal size after the childbirth. Many studies have shown that mom who exclusively breastfed her baby for 6 months tends to lose weight faster as compared to the non-breastfeeding mom.
NOTE: have a rich and nutritious diet during your breastfeeding month as what you eat affects the quality of your breast milk
Check many more benefits of breast milk here

2. Warm Water, Honey and Lemon

Now we all know about this drink but doesn’t include it in our morning routine, right?
One glass of warm water, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lemon is enough to do the magic as long as you drink it regularly first thing in the morning. This drink helps in shedding the extra pounds of weight and removing the harmful toxins from the body.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and feel full. Adequate intake of water helps in removing toxins from the body thereby increasing your chances to lose weight.

4. Drink Warm Water

Drinking a glass of warm water after a heavy meal helps aid digestion and also prevents fat to accumulate inside the body.

5. Check your CALORIE Intake

When you are a new mom (especially breastfeeding) your body needs good nutrition. Instead of eating high-calorie food go for super foods that are low in calories and rich in nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein, and fiber. Example of some of the superfood are fruits, vegetables, Oatmeal, fish, lean meat, chicken, eggs, beans, pulses, legumes, yogurt, nuts, seeds. These foods will also help you to stay full for longer.

Photo by Ana Azevedo on Unsplash

6. Don’t Eat Your Baby’s Food

Many new moms make a mistake of eating their baby’s leftover food so that it doesn’t get wasted. Baby food is rich in fat and eating that food makes it even more difficult for moms to shed weight.

7. NO Sugar

Stay away from all kinds of sugary foods if you want to reduce weight on a serious note. This not only includes sweets, chocolates, ice creams, cookies, and candies but also includes packaged fruit juices and health drinks. If you crave for something sweet the tip is to eat fruits.

8. Say NO to Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks are high in calories and zero in nutrition. They also contain a high amount of sugar thereby makes you to easily gain weight.

9. Say No to Junk Food

The name itself suggests it is a Junk. This is because junk foods are high in calories and low in nutrition. So, next time think before indulging in this unhealthy eating. Once in a while, it is okay but do not eat junk food too often if you are aiming to reduce pregnancy weight fast.

10. Walk with your babies

I think this is one of the easiest activity that we moms can include in our everyday routine. You just need a pair of comfortable shoes, a baby stroller, and your baby. Go for a morning or an evening walk whichever suits your baby routine but walk regularly.

11. Exercise or Yoga

I know as a new mom you are already too exhausted and the idea of exercising sounds like a big burden. But it is very important to include some form of exercise in your daily routine in order to lose post-pregnancy weight. Ask your doctor and get a green signal from him before choosing the right form of exercise for yourself.

12. Dance

Now dance is another fun activity which can help you to burn those extra calories. Just play your favorite music and move your body. Believe me, your baby will enjoy seeing you dancing and having fun.

13. Get Your Sleep

According to many studies, it is seen that weight gain in new mothers is linked with lack of sleep. It is very obvious that as a new mother you are always busy in looking after the baby and managing other important chores due to which your sleeping pattern tends to get disturbed resulting in weight gain. I know getting enough sleep is challenging so sleep when your baby sleeps and don’t shy away from asking for help.

14. Post Pregnancy Belt or Tummy Belt

Women since ages believe that tying a cotton cloth around the abdominal area helps to shed that extra belly fat that has gathered during the pregnancy period. With time the cotton cloth has changed to professional abdominal or post pregnancy belts. Invest in a good post pregnancy belt according to your size and wear it regularly to flatten your bulging belly.

15. Substitute the unhealthy munching with fruits

Motherhood brings a lot of exhaustion and tiredness. And when you are tired you feel hungry and this leads to unhealthy munching. When you feel hungry during the middle of the day you tend to eat whatever you find in your kitchen or fridge. Avoid eating cookies, cakes, chips, packaged food, etc and replace them with healthy options such as fruits, yogurt, nuts, fox nuts, etc. You can have yogurt mixed with seasonal fruits of your choice topped with a handful of nuts.

16. Drink for reducing Belly Fat

This one is my personal favorite. Belly fat reducing drink is a combination of cumin seeds (jeera), ginger, lemon, and honey. Drinking this water twice daily is a great way of reducing belly fat. Take this water on an empty stomach preferably before breakfast and dinner.
-1 tsp Cumin Seeds
-1 teaspoon Ginger Juice
-1/2 lemon
-1 teaspoon Honey

Method of Preparation:
Take a Saucepan along with 2 glasses of water. Add 1 tsp of cumin seeds.
Let the water boil until it reduces to 1 glass. Switch of the burner.
Let the water come down to lukewarm temperature.
Now add ginger juice, lemon, and honey. Mix well. This drink is ready to have.
(Note: Start this drink after 6 months of delivery not before that)

*If you are already having lemon, warm water and honey drink discussed in point 2 then skip this, otherwise follow.

17. No Heavy Meals at Night, Eat your Dinner early

You must have heard this,
“Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”
Wanted to reduce weight? “

Thumb rule is the same, don’t go overboard with your dinner. Keep it light but healthy and nutritious. Experts suggest that eating light food for dinner along with early eating can contribute a lot in reducing weight. When you eat early, your body is able to digest the food well and if the food is digested well, it will help in weight loss.

18. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohols

Stay away from Caffeine and Alcohol if you are looking ahead to reduce weight post delivery. Caffeine and alcohol provide no nutrition to your body plus they have calories too. Breastfeeding mothers should also stay away from consuming these foods as they hamper the milk production and also affects its quality.

19. Shop right and Smart

What you add in your grocery cart has a great role in not letting your weight come down. When we go for grocery shopping, we find a lot of packaged food containers that look healthy from outside but have a high content of salt, sugar, and fat. 100% real fruit juice is actually not real. Also, the “diet” food has nothing to do with diet as they are loaded with so many hidden calories. Be a smart shopper, don’t get fooled by the attractive labels of these food products. Read the ingredient list at the back before buying anything.
Fill your cart with healthy food options such as whole grain cereals, whole grain pasta, dry fruits, nuts, oatmeal, dried or canned beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh berries, low-fat dairy products, etc.

20. Reduce Your Stress Level

Do you know?

Stress is linked with weight gain. So, reduce your stress level as much as you can. Motherhood comes with all sets of responsibilities and brings stress along. Ask for help from your partner and other family members to share the load sometime so that you can have some time in the day to chill by yourself.

21. Eat home cooked food only

Dining out once or twice a week is fine but not more than that. Try to eat only home-cooked food as it is far healthy compared to the outside food. Whenever you go out for shopping or anything else, make it a point to carry your fruits/snakes box along so that you can avoid indulging in unhealthy eating.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

Your approach when trying to reduce your post-pregnancy weight should be realistic. Don’t expect to shed all this weight in a couple of months after delivering your baby. The first few months with a baby in your life is quiet demanding. You should think more about taking care of your baby as well as your health rather than stressing yourself thinking about your increased weight. Always remember that it took you 9 months to reach this weight so it would definitely take some time to shed that extra weight too.

Just keep yourself focused and consistent in your efforts when trying to reduce weight. Here the patience and strong determination is the key to reach your desired goal. Inculcate the lifestyle changes mentioned above in your day to day routine and see the difference in your self in the next few months.

(**Disclaimer : These are my personal opinions which worked positively for me , it is not a medical advice. Speak to your doctor and check out if you are fit to follow the above mentioned ways to reduce weight or not.)

Read Books to your baby

Why you must read books to your baby

Do you know how important is it to read books to the baby/toddler every single day?

I introduced books to my little man around his first birthday with a pang of guilt in my heart that I am a little late in doing so. Contrary to my view, people mocked at me and I was accused of treating my 12 months old like an older kid. I was told that my idea of introducing books to him at this vulnerable age is crap as he is too small for it. According to these people, this is too early for him and he will get to know about the world of books when the right time will come.

My point here is why people think that introducing books will create a stressful environment for my baby and will stop him from having all the freedom and fun that he deserves at this age?

Why are books considered as a burden?

For me reading books to babies aloud and showing them colorful pictures of animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, transports, shapes and things around us is another activity which starts with babies listening and observing and over a period of time develops into a feeling of love towards the presence of books around them.

When I introduced books to my little one I never expected him to learn everything that is given in the book in fact I just wanted him to feel the pages, flip them, observe the pictures and purposely pick his book himself when he finds it lying in one corner of the shelf.

Importance of introducing books To babY early

They learn to value books

First and foremost benefit of introducing books at an early age and making it a part of baby’s routine will teach him that reading is something to be enjoyed and later in life when he will move into the formal environment of school he will not take books as a protocol that has to be followed without escape. This attitude will foster an attachment and acknowledgment towards books that will stay with him throughout his life.

Helps in building Vocabulary

Many studies have also shown that children who were read as newborn tends to have a richer vocabulary and they performed better at the academics level too.

Helps in developing Social Skills and Communication Skills

When your baby sees you reading aloud, making your pitch go up and down while expressing different kinds of emotions, taking out different sounds and using multiple facial expressions to express the situation helps in improving his power of observation and thinking skills. Your baby develops communication skills when he imitates those sounds, touches the book, flips the pages, gets a feel of it, pinpoints a picture, tries to recognize a picture, give a response to your questions and learn new words.

Strengthen the bond between parents and babies

For me, the most important reason why I prefer reading a book to my baby is that it helps in enhancing the bond between the baby and the parents. When you read aloud to your baby with joy, excitement, and involvement they begin to enjoy your sounds and gestures. They start loving this special time spent with you which helps in building your relationship with them.

Image Source: https://www.pexels.com


Okay, now you know why you should read books to your baby and what long term impact it can make to his personality. Now the question arises is how to read books to a baby and how to keep him engaged at this tender age?

Don’t worry it is pretty easy. There are three simple ways to do that.

  • You just need yourself, your baby and a few books to keep him busy and engaged in this lucrative and fun activity. Fix a particular routine for reading books to him. This could be any time of the day- Naptime, bedtime, bath time, potty time, traveling time, feeding time or anytime. Bedtime is one of the best time to perform this activity as if performed every day your child will start associating the reading time with the sleeping. He would know that after reading the book he is supposed to go to sleep.
  • I always carry a couple of my baby’s favorite books in his diaper bag whenever we are out. He loves watching his books while sitting on his car seat. It keeps him engaged for some time and also soothe him when he starts getting cranky.
  • Make the whole reading session a fun activity for your child. Sing rhymes, dance with her, make funny animal sounds, read with a variety of expressions, pitch your voice high and low or occasionally cuddle your baby – make this special time with your baby an enjoyable experience for him. Encourage him to imitate you, ask your baby questions, read and repeat. All this is going to help in developing his communication skills and would prove to be good for him in the long run too.

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What to read to your baby

For infants, you have so many books around to choose from as at this age they just have to listen so you can read almost anything to them. But make sure it should have some rhyme, rhythm and should involve repetition of words.

As your baby grows older, get him colorful and chunky board books or touch and feel books. There are a lot of pop up books, mirror books and different texture books available in the market but make sure the books are colorful, bright and attractive with clear and understandable pictures. You can also create your own photo book for your baby by cutting and pasting the pictures of the family member and pets on a colorful background. Babies enjoy recognizing their closed ones through pictures.

Recommended Books for Babies:

TIP: Spread books around the house like on the table, near your child’s bed, near his feeding chair, in his toy basket or any place which is easily approachable for him. This way he will get a feeling that books are a significant part of his life and he would start cherishing its presence the way he cherishes his toys.


Why Breastfeeding is a must for Your Baby

Do you know about the wonders breastfeeding can do to your baby?

Human breast milk is the safest and the healthiest food which provides all essential nutrition that your baby needs for the first 6 months after birth. It contains all the vital components in the perfect quantity. The breast milk changes in volume and composition according to the time of the day (morning, evening or night),  age of the baby and frequency of nursing. It helps the baby in getting healthy and grow right. Breast milk also promotes mental development in babies which later help them in achieving a higher IQ level.

Breastmilk helps the baby ‘s body in developing his immune system to fight against various diseases.  

It protects the baby against:

  • Type 1, 2 diabetes
  • Sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS
  • Obesity
  • Pneumonia and other respiratory infections
  • Cough and cold
  • Gastrointestinal illness(vomiting, diarrhea)
  • Constipation digestion issues
  • UTI (Urinary tract infection)
  • Middle ear infection
  • Heart diseases liver diseases in adulthood
  • Certain childhood Cancer

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importance of breastfeeding

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Benefits of BREASTFEEDING for Mother

  • Breastfeeding (BF) helps in postpartum healing.
  • It helps in burning 500 extra calories every day thus helps in achieving the pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Frequent skin to skin contact during breastfeeding helps in enhancing the emotional bond between mom and baby
  • Breastfeeding soothes the baby as every time the baby takes the feed, the mom gets a surge of the bonding hormone Oxycontin which provides a soothing effect to the baby.
  • Mums who breastfeed their baby are less prone to diabetes, osteoporosis, breast ovarian uterine cervical cancer

Not only this breastfeeding your child is way more convenient as compared to giving formula milk to the baby. It can be fed anytime anywhere so one gets saved from the hustle of preparing it from time to time. Breastmilk is always at the right temperature, clean and free of cost.


Try to give only breastmilk as it is the best gift a mother can give to her child which will stay with him/her throughout his/her life in the form of strong immunity and lot many other health benefits as discussed above.

Diaper Bag Essentials

14 Must Haves For Your Diaper Bag

Until and unless you have a baby in your life you won’t realize how important is a diaper bag for new moms and dads. Going out without carrying the baby’s diaper bag is like a BIG nightmare to them. A non-parent can’t even realize how much stuff these little human beings need whenever they are on a day out with there caretakers. They can need anything anytime even if they are out for even a couple of hours. So this means you need to carry a lot of stuff, yes a LOT.

New Parents often get confused about what to pack in a diaper bag. As they are new to this parenting world so they often tend to forget one or the other thing back at home. Here I have given an ultimate diaper bag checklist to help new parents pack everything that they might need when they go out with their baby.


A diaper bag is nothing without DIAPERS in it. You must always carry 4-5 diapers with you and more than this number is always good. Even if you are going out for a couple of hours, you must carry them as babies are highly unpredictable in nature. For newborn, my preferred choice is Pampers New Born Diapers.


Wipes are not only important for cleaning your baby’s bum while changing his/her diaper but is also a handy solution for a lot of other things. Try Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes.


For diaper changing, you will definitely need a changing sheet for placing your baby on it.


Even if you are out it is important to apply a diaper rash cream or coconut oil on your babies diaper area to avoid rashes. Carry the travel size bottles to save the space in your bag. Try out Mamaearth Natural Diaper Rash Cream.


Always carry a few disposable bags for dumping soiled diapers and used wipes. Unclean bowls and spoons, pacifiers, etc can also be kept in them for carrying back home.


Either younger than 6 months or older than this age a baby should always have his bibs and washcloths around him. A newborn is prone to spilling out undigested milk and 6 months older baby has now started eating semi solids/solids by now so to avoid mess and to keep him clean bibs and washcloths are important.


Baby and maintaining proper hygiene are correlated. So, you must carry a bottle of sanitizer whenever you are out. Pour few drops of sanitizer between your palm, rub it and you are germ-free to handle your baby. Use it before and after feeding your baby or before and after changing your baby’s diapers, a bottle of sanitizer serves multiple purposes. You can go for the travel size pack of Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer which comes in a leakproof bottle.


Your little one can spill milk/food over him or his diaper can get leaked when it is least expected. So it is better to have a spare set of clothes during such situations.


If you are a new mommy than you might know how full your breast becomes most of the time and leaking is quite a common scenario during those initial months with your baby. Keep an extra shirt for yourself too in case your breasts get leaked.


A soft baby blanket is needed to cover him and provide him comfort during his nap time.


For breastfeeding in public, you may need a cloth/sheet to maintain your privacy.

Breast PADS

Yes! Carrying extra breast pads is a must if you are a breastfeeding mom. Generally, during the first six months of delivery new moms face the issue of leakage when their breast gets full. So, you must wear breast pads and also carry an extra pair of them when you are out. The Mee Mee Ultra Thin Super Absorbent Disposable Nursing Breast Pads are one of the best breast pads available in the market.

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If your baby is on formula feed then you must carry your formula milk brand and warm water to prepare his feed. Don’t forget to carry his bottle. You can try Nan Pro 1 Infant Formula which is one of the best formula brand suggested by Doctors in India.


·         For 0-6 months old:

Carry rattles to calm your fussy baby

·         For 6-12 months

Carry his favorite toy or book to engage him up when he gets restless.

·         For older than 1 year

A single piece of a toy won’t be sufficient to entertain as toddlers get bored quickly and they need something new every time. So carry multiple toys to keep him engaged.


If your baby is older than 6 months then you must carry his food (cereals, quick snacks, fruits, etc) along with his personal bowl and spoon. A hunger-free baby is more playful, cheerful and less cranky than a hungry baby. So, don’t forget to carry something for your baby to munch on.

You can buy Mee Mee Feeding Bowl and
Philips Avent Premium Soft Spout Cup as both of them are made of non-toxic, BPA free food grade polypropylene plastic making them ideal for small babies.

Suggested Diaper Bag: Robustrion Waterproof Multifunctional Baby Diaper Backpack

Image Source: Amazon

Diaper Bag Tips

  • Always keep your baby stuff ready in your diaper bag except for his food which will definitely be packed before leaving.
  • Prefer a  bag with multiple compartments and waterproof lining.
  • Pack eatable items including medicines in plastic bags to avoid leaks.
  • More than traditional diaper bags, tote bags, and backpacks are much more convenient as they serve the same purpose of a diaper bag, are easy to carry and serves multiple purposes too. Find the one that suits you the best.

Cold and cough in babies, Home Remedies for flu in babies

8 Best Home Remedies To Treat Cold and Cough in Babies

Cold and cough are the two issues which are common among all the babies. We parents always make sure to protect our little ones as much as we can but babies are vulnerable beings and they sometimes catch the infection in spite of all our hard efforts to protect them.

But whenever it comes to provide relief to my baby I always try to avoid giving allopathic treatment at first place and go with the natural remedies available at my home. These home remedies are trusted, safe and gentle and are used generation after generation to treat common cold and cough in babies.

Here I have listed 8 Home Remedies to treat cold and cough :

1. Magic Water

For treating cold and cough in babies fast boil water with a spoon of ajwain/ cumin seeds or tulsi leaves. Now filter this water and bring it down to a lukewarm temperature before feeding it to your baby. Make her sip the magic water on regular intervals to see fast results.

2. Warm Mustard Oil Massage

Cold and Cough in babies can also be treated by giving mustard oil massage. To prepare this mixture put two cloves, few methi dana and kalonji seeds in mustard oil and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Now apply the lukewarm mustard oil on your baby’s chest, back, feet, palm, and nose at least two to three times a day. The best time to apply this mixture is before putting your baby to sleep as while sleeping the baby will be in a resting state and oil will be able to stay on his body more.

3. Honey Mixture

(NOTE: Recommended age is 1+)

We all know honey is a traditional medicine that has so many benefits and uses. Honey is also an excellent source to fight germs of cold and cough. Ginger helps to sweat out toxins from the body and pepper is said to stimulate circulation and mucus flow. Honey, when combined with either pepper or ginger, makes a powerful home remedy for treating cough and cold.

Honey and pepper:

Add one pinch of pepper powder to one spoon of honey and feed the baby at regular intervals.

Honey and ginger

Make another excellent remedy by adding one pinch of dry Ginger powder (or 2-3 drops of ginger juice) to one tablespoon of honey. Give it to your baby at least 2 to 3 times a day to provide relief from stubborn cold and cough.

Photo by Shelbey Miller on Unsplash

4. Breast Milk

For babies under 6 month of age feeding breast milk is the best thing that you can offer to your baby. No medicine or remedy works better than feeding your breast milk as this divine milk is the cure of almost all the baby problems. It not only helps to keep her hydrated but will also help in calming a cranky baby.

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5. Saline Water or Nasal Drops

Babies with stuffy nose may face trouble in breathing, eating, drinking and even sleeping. Saline water/nasal drops help in making the mucus in her nose thin and shrinking swollen airways. You can use them two to three times a day or as instructed by your pediatrician. (NOTE: Recommended age is 1+)

6. Chicken Soup and Khichdi

Chicken Soup and Khichdi are an excellent source of energy for children who are not able to consume any other food due to uneasiness in cold and cough.

7. Gargling

Make your little one gargle salt water twice or thrice a day to treat sore throat and cough. This remedy for cough for cold is one of the best remedies which instantly provides relief but it is ideal for older kids(3+) as young babies and toddlers would too naive to understand your instructions.

8. Steam

Run the hot water in the bathroom and fill it up with steam. After closing the tap/shower take your baby in. Breathing steam helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages and it is the perfect way to provide steam to even newborns.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts during Cough and Cold:

1.Remember to give remedy according to age.

2. Be consistent with the remedies as nothing works at once.

3. Do consult a pediatrician if home remedies fail to provide relief to your baby. Don’t wait for too long before seeking the help of doctors. cold and cough if neglected for too long can lead to pneumonia.

4. If you notice something unusual such as green mucus don’t ignore and consult your pediatrician immediately.

5. In case of high fever consult your pediatrician immediately.

6. Remember to use ingredients that the baby is not allergic to.

7. Avoid cold and sour food.

8. Give warm food and fluids.

9. Keep your baby well hydrated by giving milk and sips of water.

10. Keep your baby indoor if the weather is cold outside.

Precaution is always better than cure so take good care of your little ones especially during the changing season.