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It is quite hard to just be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) especially when you have enjoyed work-life before having a baby. Staying inside the four walls of the house and running around kids all day can lead to frustration in the long run. Over a period of time, SAHMs begin to feel worthless which is not healthy.

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Believe me, if you are not happy and contented as a mom you won’t be able to give your 100% to your family. Taking out some time from the day dedicatedly for yourself is very important to rejuvenate oneself.

Now you must be thinking, ‘how do I make time for myself as a busy full-time mom’? The answer is simple!

A little bit of management is key to make some time for yourself which looks like a luxury after entering motherhood. Convert your child’s nap time into your ‘me time’. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your husband and family members.

I have compiled 11 amazing ways that you can integrate into your life to have a rocking and contented life as a Stay At Home Mom.


Take at least one hour every 4 days in a week and move out of the house to enjoy time nurturing your body. Working on your body and burning calories would give you a sense of satisfaction that you are taking care of yourself too. And having a perfect body with time will also give you a high level of self-confidence too.


If you don’t like exercising think about joining Yoga, Aerobics or Zumba classes near your house. Moving your body will help you to stay active and confident. This will also help you to socialize with new people.


When you don’t have anything else to do other than your everyday routine then life seems to be on a REPEAT MODE. Another way to enjoy life as a stay at home mom is to have a hobby. Having a hobby can help you relieve stress while allowing you to do something that you enjoy.

Your hobby could be anything from singing, dancing, painting, reading, jewelry making, photography, gardening to baking.


A few years back I created a list of books to read before I turn 30. Since I haven’t hit 30 yet so completing the task is still in my wishlist. If you are a book lover too then you would definitely be having a list of books to read in the coming years.

Hey Stay at home mom, don’t get lost in looking only after the house and kids, take out some ‘me time’ for yourself too and catch up on some reading time if this is something you enjoy.


Motherhood can lead to loneliness especially when you are a stay at home mom. When your working friends are busy juggling between their work and personal life and you stay at home then it becomes quite difficult to find compatibility with them.

During such times it becomes important to meet and strike friendships with new people who have a similar routine and interest like yours.

Find fellow moms in your neighboorhood, parks where you take your baby for everyday outing, local gym or Zumba class, your child’s daycare/ play class or social media groups.

Also, there are also so many online meetups that are organized to connect young moms with similar beliefs and interests.

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We are a lucky generation as we are provided with the 24*7 access to the pool of knowledge that is available through online learning. Youtube is a great source of learning to almost anything in the world. There are so many tutorials available on youtube that give step by step knowledge to learn whatever you want.

You can learn skills like video editing, graphic designing, interior decoration, fashion designing, professional makeup, languages, basic or high-level computer skills, etc. This could also help you to convert your skill into a career in the coming years.

But if you are not very keen to make a career, learn something that can help you to perform better in life. You can take up personality development lessons, improve command over your language, learn cuisines from around the world, learn personal grooming skills or just upgrade your general knowledge.


If you are a Stay at home mom who has taken a career break and you wish to join back to work in the next few years then it is a good chance for you to add some education to your qualification. When your baby will grow up a little you can think about joining back to work with your upgraded resume.

Apart from degree courses, there are numerous short term courses available that can help you in professional growth later. Online and offline distance learning courses give you an opportunity to pursue your studies from the comfort of your home.

Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Lynda, twenty19 are some of the top online education sites which you can check if you are interested to pursue some course.

9. Read Blogs, articles, good stuff online

There are so many Stay at home moms online who write beautiful blogs about life, parenting issues, and motherhood. Reading such blogs and articles not only helps in growing your knowledge but also helps in connecting with mums who are sailing in the same boat. Connect with fellow mums and get inspired.

10. Freelancing

As a Stay at home mom, taking the freelancing work is a great way to meet your obligations at home and in your career. If you are a SAHM and want to be financially independent at the same time then go for it!

Freelancing means offering online service in a field you are good at with the comfort of your home and with flexibility. Find out what freelancing service you can provide over the web. Can you work as a Graphic designer, website designer, content writer, web developer, social media specialist, translator, copywriter, photographer or online tutor?

Sign up to freelancing work websites like,, and get a chance to work from home. There are also so many online portals that focus on the Stay At Home Jobs for women.

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11. Blogging

I know so many Stay at home moms who write with only the intent of reaching to masses with their blogs. They feel rekindled when they pen down their knowledge and share their perspectives with the world. For blogging you just need two things:

  • Good Command over language
  • Knowledge about a topic of your interest
  • A Laptop/Computer

Your area of interest could be Fashion, Health, Fitness, Education, Technology, Home Decoration, Life Hacks, Personal Care, Food, Music, etc.

NOTE: Dear Stay At Home Mom don’t get overwhelmed to integrate all the ways described above in your life. Take up one or two of them which you like the most and which comes under your comfort zone.

Also, remember that your child should be your priority first. He/She is growing up fast and this time is not going to come back. Consider it as a privilege to be the most important part of your child’s developing phase by enjoying each and every milestone that he/she makes. Don’t consider yourself less than anyone and feel proud to be a STAY AT HOME MOM.

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