While your baby is nurturing inside, you can still style yourself and rock your pregnancy look.

Gone are the days when women used to hide their baby bumps under those freakishly loose Kutras and used to feel reluctant in revealing their bumps. With all sorts of awareness, we have now reached to the point where we know that instead of hiding our pregnancy bodies we should embrace it as having that cute bump is a matter of pride that we women should be proud of.

Earlier women used to feel gloomy and downhearted with the thought that pregnancy days are the days when they cannot dress up well as there are fewer options to support their bulgy body. In fact, even till a decade ago expecting moms never had too many options to choose from. However, today the scenario is different, these days markets are truck loaded with thousands of options of maternity dresses that can make you look good even with those extra pounds on.

If I time travel to my pregnancy days, I remember how I used to dress myself up in the best possible way to feel rejuvenated and confident. For me, the criterion was simple “Dress up to Deck up”.

This post of mine is dedicated to the pregnancy fashion where I have shared how to style your baby bump during pregnancy days and look like a diva.

1. Shirts Dresses

Who says Pregnancy and Style cannot go hand in hand?

Shirt dresses paired with or without a pair of leggings is a great way to style your baby bump. Shirt dresses not only look good on a non-pregnant body but also gives a contemporary look to a pregnant body. This is one style that hardly goes out of fashion. It could be taken up as perfect maternity wear.

shirt dress for pregnancy

2. Maternity Dresses

A big shout out to the one who discovered “Maternity Dresses”.

This piece of cloth is absolutely a savior!

Instead of stocking up your wardrobe with regular maxi dresses, invest in a few Maternity Dresses so that you don’t have to buy a separate set of dresses after the delivery again. Unlike maxi dresses, maternity dresses are designed to be used during and post-pregnancy. Maternity dresses have zippers and buttons in the front to provide easy accessibility for feeding.

These dresses give a feminine touch to your personality and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Wrap dresses, Knot dresses, A-line and shift dresses, Ethnic dresses, Casual maxis, and T-shirt dresses are some of the styles that you can choose from.

Check more Maternity Dresses From Momzjoy here

3. Maternity Top

During our mother’s and grandmother’s time, there was no such term as “pregnancy fashion or maternity wear”.  At that time maternity wear means getting a piece of cloth a couple of sizes larger for pregnancy day. That’s it.

Unlike the earlier day, these days we also have Maternity tops that come with easy access to feed your little one. Just unbutton or pull the zipper down, feed and fix it again.

With the availability of Maternity top, you don’t have to worry about compromising with your fashion instinct. You can still look voguish and rock your pregnancy look with the curves.

Isn’t this Black Solid Top from Firstcry looking endearing and sober?

4. Boyfriend’s T-shirt

Now, this is a zero investment maternity wear. And each one of us can find an ample amount of this maternity wear in our respective houses. Just sneak peek into your hubby’s closet and take out any casual T-shirt, Shirt or hoodie, pair it up with your maternity jeans and put on your sneakers. And see you are all set to go without many efforts.

Isn’t it a great way to style yourself?

5. Shrugs/Cardigans/Jackets

Perhaps some would-be-moms might not be too comfortable in showing their overgrown belly. In that case, they can indubitably go with shrugs, cardigans, jackets, and blazers to provide concealment to their belly.

Find the shrug shown in the picture here.

6. Maternity Kurtis

We Indians know how much we adore Kurtis. Because of their versatility, this style never fails to disappoint us.

Whether you are going to the office, shopping or a casual outing with a friend, you can blindly rely on Kurti as they are extremely comfortable to carry.

Also, our festivals are incomplete without traditional outfits. With a baby bump, when you don’t feel like putting on those heavy studded or embroidered dresses, then Kurtis comes to your rescue. Just pair up a stylish Kurti with palazzo pants or shararas, spice up your look by adding some complementing accessories and you are all set to rock.

Click here to see many more Kurti options.

7. Maternity Pants

When I entered into my second trimester my gynecologist warned me to stay away from putting on jeans and pants as they have zippers and buttons which can put pressure on my growing bump. That was the time I got to know about the maternity pants. Maternity pants are also available in jeans style, so you don’t have to worry about giving up on jeans in the name of pregnancy.

I picked up this light blue maternity jeans from First Cry and wore it on lots of outings during my pregnancy days. Check here

8. Leggings as a Maternity Wear

Leggings are an absolute must-have in your maternity wardrobe. This is one garment that goes with most of the things. You can wear them with a slightly longer top, a shirt or a long sweater.

Western or Indian, leggings are a part of both fashion!

Leggings can even go with maxi dresses if you wish to give an ethnic touch to your look.

Tip: Buy leggings a couple of sizes larger than your actual size.

Check more leggings from Firstcry here.

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9. High Waist Maternity Skirts

A high waist skirt falling on the knees or slightly below them is also a good option to go with. Make sure they are not too frilly and have less volume to it. Instead of buying normal skirts prefer the specifically designed maternity skirts which come with a stretchable band that goes over the bump and can be worn throughout the pregnancy. You can style it with a tank top and top it with a shrug to add to the look.

Isn’t this Maternity Skirt from Momzjoy looking cute?

10. Footwears for Maternity

Make flat footwear your best friend for the upcoming months of your life as you would be asked to stay away from wearing heels. Pregnancy usually leads to swollen feet so consider buying a comfortable pair of shoes which allow some room to your feet too.

Open toe flats, T-Strap flats, Mojaries, One-Toe flats, Gladiators, Ballerinas are some of the trendsetting options among flat footwears. And the best part about these options is that they complement both Western as well as Ethnic look.

Also, White Casual Shoes are very much in trend these days. They go pretty well with jeans/pants as well as with maxi dresses.

And if it is winter time then put on a pair of snazzy boots with jeans or a Maternity Dress and let it do all the magic.

11. Accessories To Rock Maternity Look

The right pick of accessories when paired up with the right piece of cloths can instantly glamorize your whole look.

Wear a neckpiece close to your neck to divert attention from your baby bump and growing bust to your body top.

To look even jazzier, put on your sunglasses and your favorite tote bag.

12. Maternity Stoles

Maternity Stole can be styled in a number of ways. And the good thing about the maternity stoles is that they can be used for nursing your child too. If you already have a maternity stole than you won’t need a separate nursing cover post-delivery.

Once your nursing period gets over, you can still use this maternity stole by wrapping it in the usual manner.

Check this aqua green color stole from Momzjoy which can be styled in three different ways.

maternity stole

Pregnancy is the one time in your life event (unless you plan to have more than one child) when you will feel proud of your jutting belly.

Believe me, there would definitely be days in the future when you will miss your pregnancy days.

I do! In fact, every mom does.

So, style your belly the way you want. Play with colors, experiment with fashion, accessorize your body, style your manes and never leave a chance to look like a stylish mom to be. But most importantly wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. No fashion should come before your comfort.

Happy Pregnancy Mamma!!!

Which is your favorite pregnancy style from the above-mentioned styles? Also, share how do you like to style your bump? Comment Below!

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