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8 Best Home Remedies To Treat Cold and Cough in Babies

Cold and cough are the two issues which are common among all the babies. We parents always make sure to protect our little ones as much as we can but babies are vulnerable beings and they sometimes catch the infection in spite of all our hard efforts to protect them.

But whenever it comes to provide relief to my baby I always try to avoid giving allopathic treatment at first place and go with the natural remedies available at my home. These home remedies are trusted, safe and gentle and are used generation after generation to treat common cold and cough in babies.

Here I have listed 8 Home Remedies to treat cold and cough :

1. Magic Water

For treating cold and cough in babies fast boil water with a spoon of ajwain/ cumin seeds or tulsi leaves. Now filter this water and bring it down to a lukewarm temperature before feeding it to your baby. Make her sip the magic water on regular intervals to see fast results.

2. Warm Mustard Oil Massage

Cold and Cough in babies can also be treated by giving mustard oil massage. To prepare this mixture put two cloves, few methi dana and kalonji seeds in mustard oil and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Now apply the lukewarm mustard oil on your baby’s chest, back, feet, palm, and nose at least two to three times a day. The best time to apply this mixture is before putting your baby to sleep as while sleeping the baby will be in a resting state and oil will be able to stay on his body more.

3. Honey Mixture

(NOTE: Recommended age is 1+)

We all know honey is a traditional medicine that has so many benefits and uses. Honey is also an excellent source to fight germs of cold and cough. Ginger helps to sweat out toxins from the body and pepper is said to stimulate circulation and mucus flow. Honey, when combined with either pepper or ginger, makes a powerful home remedy for treating cough and cold.

Honey and pepper:

Add one pinch of pepper powder to one spoon of honey and feed the baby at regular intervals.

Honey and ginger

Make another excellent remedy by adding one pinch of dry Ginger powder (or 2-3 drops of ginger juice) to one tablespoon of honey. Give it to your baby at least 2 to 3 times a day to provide relief from stubborn cold and cough.

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4. Breast Milk

For babies under 6 month of age feeding breast milk is the best thing that you can offer to your baby. No medicine or remedy works better than feeding your breast milk as this divine milk is the cure of almost all the baby problems. It not only helps to keep her hydrated but will also help in calming a cranky baby.

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5. Saline Water or Nasal Drops

Babies with stuffy nose may face trouble in breathing, eating, drinking and even sleeping. Saline water/nasal drops help in making the mucus in her nose thin and shrinking swollen airways. You can use them two to three times a day or as instructed by your pediatrician. (NOTE: Recommended age is 1+)

6. Chicken Soup and Khichdi

Chicken Soup and Khichdi are an excellent source of energy for children who are not able to consume any other food due to uneasiness in cold and cough.

7. Gargling

Make your little one gargle salt water twice or thrice a day to treat sore throat and cough. This remedy for cough for cold is one of the best remedies which instantly provides relief but it is ideal for older kids(3+) as young babies and toddlers would too naive to understand your instructions.

8. Steam

Run the hot water in the bathroom and fill it up with steam. After closing the tap/shower take your baby in. Breathing steam helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages and it is the perfect way to provide steam to even newborns.

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Some Do’s and Don’ts during Cough and Cold:

1.Remember to give remedy according to age.

2. Be consistent with the remedies as nothing works at once.

3. Do consult a pediatrician if home remedies fail to provide relief to your baby. Don’t wait for too long before seeking the help of doctors. cold and cough if neglected for too long can lead to pneumonia.

4. If you notice something unusual such as green mucus don’t ignore and consult your pediatrician immediately.

5. In case of high fever consult your pediatrician immediately.

6. Remember to use ingredients that the baby is not allergic to.

7. Avoid cold and sour food.

8. Give warm food and fluids.

9. Keep your baby well hydrated by giving milk and sips of water.

10. Keep your baby indoor if the weather is cold outside.

Precaution is always better than cure so take good care of your little ones especially during the changing season.

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