They say ‘Parenting doesn’t come with a manual or formulas which you could cram or apply and make your road to motherhood/fatherhood an easy one’. When you become a parent you realize parenting is one such unpredictable journey which has the power to baffle and shake up anyone.

Nevertheless, in the age of the internet, it does come with tried and tested tips, advice, and experiences which could help newbie parents (even the seasoned ones) get through their parenting concerns even during the weird hours of the day when nobody else is around to assist.

With the same ideology, MommyLogbook- Your Parenting Guide was created to:

  • Provide easy tips to parents on everything that revolves around raising a child and handling parenting pressure
  • Help mommies gain confidence and courage
  • All in all, make parenting a wonderful, worthwhile and cherishable journey

Not only this MommyLogbook is also about age-old Home Remedies, genuine Reviews on Products and Services, Activity Ideas for keeping kids engaged, Food Recipes for babies and toddlers, Beauty, Health and Fitness tips for moms and much much more.

Special NOTE For Mommies: We know motherhood is a demanding job which brings along unwanted stress and anxiety but here our motto is to help you to not only survive motherhood but to enjoy it to the fullest by being vivacious, fashionable and motivated.

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